October 28, 2021

Extraction of Limestone ruining historical site

The ruination of historical Archeological site_101 has perturbed the history buffs, writers, and social activists of district Thatta and they have warned that if destruction of historical sites continued the district would soon lose its distinct importance.

Situated alongside the Kohistan- Belt near Ongar area on National Highway the Archaeological Site-101 carries significant importance owing to its historical background that dates back over two thousand years.
The residents of the nearby villages said that few investors had deployed heavy machinery at the site for the extraction of  limestone that was being transported to different cities of the province for making the cement.The limestone is also used for chemical saturation.
Few influential figures of the area have backed the extraction process learnt by The Mail Sukkur.

Historian Badar Abro said that the Ongar hill was called 101-site because it is at a distance of 101 kilometers from Karachi.

Telling about its historical background he said that thousands of years ago the area was home to people from different civilizations and historians found precious stones, ornaments and remnants of the monuments that had been kept in the museum.

Expressing serious concerns over the issue he said that extraction had inflicted serious degradation to the site and if continued the site would lose its historical value.

Social activist Tariq Amar said that The authorities concerned had kept criminal silence over the pilferage of resources and devastation of historical sites and if they continued with it the district would lose its identity.  
“The influential figures of the area are in cahoots with these mafias who have ruined the beauty of the historical sites for the sake of their interest; said Khuda Bux Brohi.

However, Ramzan Memon Secretary Sindhi Adabi Sangat said that the concerned officials were apprised of the extraction of the stone and desolation of the site but measures were taken as yet. They demanded action against those involved in the plundering of resources and destruction of the site. They also called for measures to preserve the historical sites.

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