October 28, 2021

Pakistani products to export in major countries

Products used in the field of boxing and martial arts began to be exported from Pakistan to major countries of the world. Sialkot, which was already a leader in the manufacture of sports goods , is now anther the race to manufacture boxing and martial arts goods and achieved a prominent position.

Shayan Ahmad Bajwa, a young exporter from Sialkot and marketing director of Jan Pak Industries, told the media that all the products used in manufactured including Boxing Uniforms, Punching Bags, Speed Ball, Boxing Golfs, Focus Pads, Mix Martial Arts Accessories, Gym Accessories and other items are produced in Sialkot and exported world over under the lable MADE IN PAKISTAN. He said that track suits are also being manufactured in Sialkot and our company has introduced its own brand of track suits. These track suits have been exported to UK, Canada, UAE, USA and other countries.
He further said that in view of the growing demand for boxing and martial arts products, the industry in both the sectors has started growing rapidly and about 15 to 20 companies in Sialkot have started large scale manufacturing of these boxing and martial arts goods .

Products are being exported while innumerable small companies are also involved in this business, vendor industry is also growing and generating employment and 25% of the jobs in the outdoor manufacturing industry are linked to boxing and martial arts industry.

He said that Aamir Khan has set up a boxing academy in Pakistan where boxing is being taught on a large scale . The scope of boxing is increasing and the interest of the youth is also increasing. China and Thailand are notable among the rival countries of Pakistan in terms of product quality used in boxing and Pakistan is also given top priority of producing quality goods.

He said Pakistani-born British boxer Aamir Khan has become a favorite boxer for youngsters all over the world, including Pakistan, because Pakistani youth made Aamir Khan an ideal boxer.

On the other hand, the youth have also taken a step in the field of martial arts and the youth include a large number of women who are learning the art of martial arts for their own protection. Shayan Bajwa said that the field of boxing.

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