October 28, 2021

Traffic jam has become manic for locals

Abdul Latif

Different squares of the city including Public Park, Bathoro Bus Stop Park to the primary school road through Girls’ College are facing extreme traffic jam especially during the off time of school and college.

Local fishermen and vegetable vendors with their hand carts on the way from Park to city are the main reason for traffic jam in the city.

Town Committee collects pre-taxes from these vendor hence illegally allowing them to sit on the ways, which is a problem for locals to move ask them to move out of the way.

Similarly, a taxi stand is also set up illegally at the bus stop intersection, at the park and the road within the city from the park, despite, a plot in front of the Sujawal Court for a separate stop for taxi drivers is allotted but they have forcibly set them up in the public area. Upon asking to move out to their allotted places, they respond that they are paying tax for standing there.

To remove the nuisance from the city Mr Abdul Latif a practicing lawyer, and renowned businessman & activist Babu Rahim Bux of Pakistan People’s Party complained the magistrate to order the traffic sergeant to abide by their duties and vendors and taxi drivers to limit them to the allotted location to avoid the traffic jam. They also appealed to divert the heavy transport to the bypass.

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