October 28, 2021

See Prime’s web-series “Agay Barho”

See Prime brings Samiya Mumtaz and Aijaz Aslam in new Short Web-Series ‘Agay Barho’

The rapidly growing digital entertainment forum, See Prime, has come forth with another heart-warming story for its audience with the short webseries, ‘Agay Barho’, starring Samiya Mumtaz, Aijaz Aslam and Asmma Siraj in the lead roles.

‘Agay Barho’, is an inspirational story of a married woman, Nadia, whose life decisions bring her to a point which leads her unhappy and damaged in her marriage with her superstar husband, Salman.

She has a 21 year daughter, who both parents adore, named Alina. Alina tries her hardest to make her parents relationship work but perhaps, there is something else in store for the family.

Nadia with her husband Salman and 21 years old daughter Alina.
Nadia with her husband Salman and 21 years old daughter Alina.

The series show the story of a middle aged lady, picking her up out of emotional hurt for the sake of those who matter.

“Agay Barho”, in my viewpoint, is an untold story of many woman in their middle ages. I hope this web-series turns out to be inspirational for all those who go through what Nadia went through. I would like to thank the wonderful and talented cast and the hard-working team for all their efforts to bring issues like these to light”, commented Seemeen Naveed, when asked about the film.

This tale of a dysfunctional family is directed by Awais Sulaman, produced by Seemeen Naveed, Co-produced by Rehan Hussain, and beautifully scripted down by Ajit Navraj Hans.

See Prime has brought second series, who have already marked their place in the digital world for their highly acclaimed short films including ‘Dancing Doll’ and ‘Naam Kya Rakha?’ that garnered many applause and praises. ‘Agay Barho’ is now available for the viewers in six episodes on See Prime’s YouTube channel.

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