October 28, 2021

FCK to host Grand Karachi Corona Cup

Football Club Karachi is to host the Grand Karachi Corona Cup, set to begin on the 31st of December, 2020. The tournament will be hosted in Lyari, district South.

This Competition comprises of 32 District Teams, and will be held at an all Karachi Level.

Top Football Clubs from Karachi are brought together under the organization of FCK to demonstrate yet again who is the new Champion of Karachi.

Breif about Football Club Karachi

Football Club Karachi is a landmark organization for Football that conducted one of the most prestigious Football Cups in Pakistan’s history, the Karachi Premier Football Cup 2020 through the support of Sindh Government, PepsiCo and PEL Electronics where crowd records were broken at Ibramhim Hydri.

FCK is also the only Pakistani Football Club to play against World International FIFA Legends such as Ricardo Kaka from AC Milan, Carles Puyol from Barcelona, Nicholas Anelka from Chelsea and Luis Figo from Real Madrid.

Now with the Grand Karachi Corona Cup, F.C. Karachi, are adamant in demonstrating that Football although has suffered because of the Global Pandemic, sporting activities whilst maintaining SOP’s should still take place.

The Sport of Football is the most popular sport in the world and needs to be supported despite COVID-19. The company holds firm to the opinion that we need to be able to continue healthy activity like Sports despite the outbreak whilst maintaining SOP’s; that this period we are currently in requires us to stay firm to maintain our fight against Youth Degeneration. FCK are bringing more and more youth into the fold of healthy activity and inspiring the youth through providing land mark events in Football within Pakistan.

Sindh government support

Sindh Government has supported the Football Tournament and Mr. Syed Imtiaz Ali Shah, Secretary Sports and Youth Affairs has given special appreciation for supporting this cause, and his effortless display at illustrating his compassion and determination for promoting the sport in a professional, genuine and passionate fashion.

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