October 28, 2021

This World Toilet Day for clean Pakistan

Harpic joins hands with TCF, ICSP and METRO for a Saaf (clean) & Safe Pakistan

Harpic Metro partners clean Pakistan
Country Manager of RB Akber Ali Shah with President ICSP Dr. M. Rafiq Kiyani, GM TCF Asfandyar Inayat while signing with MD Metro Cash & Carry  Hamit Baykal.

This World Toilet Day, Pakistan’s number one* lavatory care brand, Harpic, announces its collaboration with organizations and NGOs to kickstart their campaign “Harpic Mission Saaf (Clean) and Safe Pakistan”. Through this movement, Harpic aims to enable access to clean and hygienic toilets to the nation with knowledge and enabling them with the right tools.

According to WaterAid, Pakistan is rated the 7th worst country in terms of access to basic sanitation where 79 million people lack access to clean toilets. The un-maintained toilets put the users at a high risk of contracting various diseases through continuous breeding of illness causing germs. To counter the issue at hand, Harpic has joined hands with  the prestigious Infection Control Society of Pakistan (ICSP), comprising of a respected body of doctors formed to educate and work towards limiting the spread of diseases; 

The Citizen’s Foundation (TCF), the largest network of schools (1600+ Schools) educating children from humble backgrounds; Salman Sufi Foundation (SSF), a prominent social service organization working on providing public toilets for all and Metro Cash and Carry, leading international grocery chain who have also stepped forward to ensure hygienic environment for all.

Harpic’s partnership with ICSP to work towards educating people on the importance of clean and hygienic toilets and bathrooms and to avoid breeding and spreading of COVID-19, through partnership with TCF, Harpic we aims to ensure accessibility of clean and hygienic toilets for school going children.

Harpic has also donated two toilets at two of the busiest locations in Karachi (Lee Market and Jheel Park) which will be managed by SSF under Harpic certified guidelines. Lastly, with Metro Cash and Carry, Harpic and Metro aim to contribute a certain amount for every sale of a Harpic bottle through Metro in expanding its educational drives across the country.

Talking about this initiative, Akbar Ali Shah, Country Manager, RB Hygiene Home Pakistan Limited, makers of Harpic said,“On this World Toilet Day we are embarking on a mission to ensure accessibility of clean and hygienic toilets as a right for every Pakistani. I am thankful to all our partners for sharing this vision with us and working towards a Saaf (Clean) and Safe Pakistan.”

With the mission of ‘Saaf (Clean) and Safe Pakistan’, Harpic continues to work towards creating a healthier and safer country for all even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

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