October 28, 2021

The 89th Uris mubarak of Syed Saman sarkar continues near Pangrio

The 89th uris mubarak of Syed Saman sarkar was continued in village Saman Shah near Pangrio of Tando Bago taluka where hundreds of followers and devotees across Sindh province were paying homage to saint of Laar. The annual fair was in full swing with big gathering of people neglecting SOPs to prevent and avert COVID-19 particularly in the premises of shrine and bazaars.

The makeshift shops of artificial jewelry, clay made pots, toys, sweet, cold drink, tea and others were set up to facilitate visitors while marry-go-rounds and other articles were displayed to entertain kids simultaneously youths.The shrine and bazzars were decorated with colourful lights to attract visitors and posing fascinating look. While talking visitors had complaints about improper and inadequate arrangements particularly pure drinking water, residence for people from other districts of the province, food and others.

The people in the fair had also complaints about open sell of narcotics ,theft  and snatching of motor bikes and vehicles despite of deployment of police personnel in the fair to maintain law and order and secure visitors. On the other hand, potholed and broken road towards Saman Shah was creating hurdles for visitors to travel while causing mishaps.

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