October 28, 2021

ILF celebrates Guru Nanak’s 551th birthday

International Lawyers Forum (ILF) celebrated 551th Guru Nanak’s Birthday at Gurdwara, Aram Bagh under the strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

On this occasion, the ILF Chairman Nasir Ahmed Advocate said that the Sikh community always comes forward for injustice across the world while the ILF believes in humanity rather than extremism or any anti-religious act following the sample life and preaching of Baba Guru Nanak. He congratulated to Sikh community worldwide, distributed sweets and presented buckets and flowers.

Dr Vinoch Singh welcomed the delegation of ILF on arrival at Gurudwara. Head Girnithi Dr Suraj Singh said that the country needs religious harmony and brotherhood and today’s visit of ILF delegation proves its example.

An especial session of prayers for the independence of occupied Jammu and Kashmir, betterment and wellbeing for Pak Army, country and nation held at the end of the commemoration.

Jamshed Ali Khowaja Advocate, Barrister Sardar Habib Baloch, Syed Jaffer Abbas Jafri Advocate, Rais-ul-Hassan Advocate, Kulsoom Balti Advocate, Najma Perveen Advocate, Saima Bakhtani Advocates were present on this occasion.

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