October 28, 2021

ILF celebrates Diwali at Ramapir Temple

International Lawyers Forum (ILF) along with the Civil Society celebrated the Diwali, the festival of lights at Ramapir Temple of Solider Bazar Karachi headed by Chairman Nasir Ahmed Advocate. Dozens of young girls showered flowers on the members of ILF’s delegation arrived at Temple. The program started with the recreation of Holy Quran & National Anthem of Pakistan

In his address, the Chairman ILF Nasir Ahmed Advocate congratulated Hindu community, he said that  whether the occasion of Baba Guru Nanak’s birthday or Eid-ul-Fitr,  the Christmas or Diwali or another festival, there are complete independence for all religions to celebrate their carnivals according to their faiths and believes but on the other hand, there is only one region on earth that is known as Occupied Jammu where neither these festivals are allowed nor Indian government grants permission to minorities to celebrates their religious occasions while Modi Sarkar violating human rights as well as international laws through so-called and self-made legislations and bans against Kashmiri peoples hence, the Ghunda elements of RSS killing the innocent Kashmiris including women and children since a long but the international organizations and communities are silent over the genocide of Kashmiri people which has become the still question mark for UNO and other human rights associations.

The Sarpunch of Hindu Community Lal Jee Patel stated that today’s occasion is a prove that there is no restriction for any religion in country to perform their religious activities according to their sects and believes and today’s combined function is a clear cut message for Modi Sarkar that how Hindus and other minorities live in Pakistan and enjoy their festivals independently.

An especial combined session of prayers for the prosperity, wellbeing and more betterment of Pakistan army, the country as well as nations was also conducted during the session.

Prominent social worker of Hindu community Mohin Bahi welcomed to the ILF delegation and others while, young girls won the hearts of all participants by their impressive dandy dance. Baba-e-Baluchistan Sardar Rashid Hussain Bolach and Jamshed Ali Khowaja, Advocate also addressed on this occasion, famous TV anchor Sumbul Bala fulfilled comparing duties. 

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