September 22, 2021

Hanif Gohar’s victory as senior vice president is UBG’s victory: S.M Muneer, Iftikhar Malik

Conspiracy to defeat Hanif Gohar through rigging has been exposed, we will win the 2021 election, Leaders United Business Group

United Business Group (UBG) Patron in Chief , former President of FPCCI S.M Muneer and Chairman UBG and President SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry Iftikhar Ali Malik, Secretary General Zubair Tufail, Presidential candidate for Election 2021 Khalid Tawab, Spokesperson Gulzar Feroze, Vice President FPCCI Zubair Bawija, former Vice President Tariq Haleem and other leaders have filed a petition against the three-member Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) for the 2020 elections after the Islamabad High Court canceled the vote of Anjum Nisar from the Footwear Association.

UBG candidate Muhammad Hanif Gohar has been declared a victory for the business community across Pakistan since he was officially elected senior vice president. He was defeated and the Islamabad High Court canceled one vote of Anjum Nisar and proved that victory is always for truth and justice.

Hanif Gohar was a candidate like our lion and the conspiracy to defeat him through rigging has been exposed, Hanif Gohar said.
He said that he sought justice from him and won the court battle.
Hanif Gohar’s success as senior vice president, it became clear that the mandate given to UBG was stolen.

S.M Muneer lamented that the senior vice president was successful.
Despite this, those occupying the federation prevented Hanif Gohar from sitting in the chamber of the senior vice president and the chamber was locked. However Hanif Gohar opposite the room opposite SVP chamber and make it chamber of the senior vice president Hanif Gohar said he will continue this service even sitting on a bench. Iftikhar Ali Malik said that the success of Hanif Gohar is the positive collective thinking of UBG leaders. As a result, my mission is to make the federation a functioning and empowered body and we will re-engage with our mission of winning the 2021 elections in full force.

Iftikhar Ali Malik expressed hope that UBG will win all the seats in the federal elections 2021 with a majority of more than 70%.
Chairman UBG said they have full confidence of traders and industrialists across the country and our group will continue to solve their problems by taking them to the government and play its role in the development of the country.

UBG Secretary General Zubair Tufail said that Hanif Gohar’s victory is the victory of truth. Khalid Tawab said that Hanif Gohar’s victory is the victory of Pakistan’s business community.

Vice President Zubair Baweeja said. That as Vice President I did not consider myself alone in the Federation but everyone has supported me and now together with the elected Senior Vice President Hanif Gohar will be able to solve many problems of the business community in the remaining period.

Gulzar Feroze and Tariq Haleem Senior Vice President Hanif Gohar Congratulating Hanif Gohar on his victory, he said that the success of Hanif Gohar is the result of the highest leadership and indiscriminate decisions of S.M Muneer and Iftikhar Ali Malik. Hanif Gophar will convince himself in just two months.

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