October 28, 2021

Dilapidated and potholed leading road shambles performance

Devastated and poor condition of Tando Bago-Digri leading road has made it extremely difficult for the people to travel.

The main leading track towards Khadhero, Dei, Digri and other large number of villages and localities was posing danger to commuters and vehicles but elected representitives and concerned authorities have made no interest for repair, maintenance and construction of such broken and destroyed road.The thorny trees along the track were also causing mishaps.

The heavy traffic on the thoroughfare has made it so difficult to approach to destinated place of alarming state of the road while heavy showers also made the track so worsen to travel.

The students, teachers, villagers, business community and others who hail from Tando Bago to Khadhero, Dei, Digri towards Mirpurkhas suffer long of improper and inadequate way to rush to destination.While growers were facing hurdles to supply agro items to markets especially melon,sugar cane, wheat and others.Meanwhile, well known lakes and fish farm owners were also unable to meet the poor condition of the road.

The residents patience was wearing thin after their long ordeal and demanded from high ups for early construction of devastated thoroughfare.

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