September 22, 2021

The second talk of the annual Karachi theatre festival “Theatre in Pakistan: Past, Present & Future” was held at Arts Council Karachi

Past, Present & Future” was held at Arts Council Karach

“Theatre is about the emotions, those who are great performers they know how to impress the audience with their performances. I hope those who are learning theatre today will be a great performer in the future.” Said by the senior actor and director Arshad Mehmood in a talk “Theatre in Pakistan-Past, Present & Future” at Arts Council.

This talk was moderated by the young director Kulsoom Aftab whereas writer and director Samina Nazeer, director Arshad Mehmood and Director Fawad Khan was the panelist.
Speaking about the past, present, and future of theatre Samina Nazeer said “We cannot compromise on the quality of the content of theatre, pain creates art. When there is pain, the artists will express that pain through their performance. We learned a lot from the National Institute of Performing Arts (NAPA). “If you are passionate about your work, you will surely succeed there will be hurdles in your way but you can fulfill all your dreams if you work hard with dedication. After learning the theatre I gained experience. Newcomers including me have made great efforts for theatre. The establishment of the institute of performing art has encouraged the interest of fine arts among the people” said the director Fawad Khan on the occasion. It should be noted that this was the second talk of the ongoing Karachi Theatre Festival 2020 at the Arts Council.

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