October 28, 2021

The Pakistan affords no debt return as its economy fainted due to COVID-19

The parliamentarians, journalists, civil society leaders, trade unions, women groups, lawyers, academic institutions, citizens and different walks of life of district Badin have been raised the burning issue of the debt cancellation and demanded for immediate debt cancellation and stressed the Federal Government to invest the said amount on the health, education and employment through social sector.  This demand was raised in the public forum titled “drop the debt, no health” organized by Laar Humanitarian and Development Program (LHDP) under the umbrella of ‘Tax Justice Coalition Pakistan’ and Indus Consortium on Friday in district council hall Badin aimed to create a wider platform of community leaders to raise the debt cancellation issue.  The event was attended by large number of elected representatives, journalists, civil society leaders, representatives of trade unions, women groups, lawyers, academic institutions and citizens including women and men. 

While addressing the participants, Ex-Naib Nazim, district Badin, Mr. Aziz Dero, expressed that pandemic has taken a devastating blow on the Pakistani economy adding that Economies all over the world, including Pakistan, have come to a screeching halt. He said Pakistani nation was facing the several predicaments that were tangled with each other which included a medical crisis as well as economic instability and unstable commodity prices. Iqbal Hyder, Executive Director, LHDP, demanded demanded the IMF, World Bank, Asian Development Bank and other all bilateral donors for the immediate write-off loans which were payable in 2020-21. On the occasion, speaking to the participants, central Secretary General, Awami Jamhoori Party Sindh, Mr. Khadim Talpur, Professor Haji Ahmed Solangi, Tanveer Ahmed Arain, senior vice president, Hyderabad Union of Journalist and senior journalist, Badin Press Club, Ghulam Mustafa Jamali, President, Awan-e-Sahafat Badin, Samina Qambrani, Focal Person, education Department Badin, Mohammad Khan Samoon, young writer, Zakir Leghari, Abida Marvi Samoon and others while addressing the participants highlighted the impacts debt on citizens and overall economy of Pakistan and said that the outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has severely affected the global and Pakistani economy. 

Addressing the Public Forum they said Pakistan’s economy is shrinking, unemployment was rising and various sectors were in crisis adding that COVID-19 Pandemic was resulted the huge losses and left deleterious effects on the Pakistan’s economy and on the people in every field of the life. The Public Forum demanded the IMF, WB, ADB and other bilateral world donors to write-off the debt which was payable in 2020-21 and stressed the Federal Government to invest the amount over the health, education and livelihood of the people of the Pakistan. Earlier, Mr. Aftab Ahmed has delivered his presentation on the ‘Debt cancellation facts and figures’ to the participants of the event and apprised those regarding impacts of the debts over the common people of the world and even Pakistan.  

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