September 22, 2021

The first child Parliament comes into being in Thar

Thar Education Alliance in collaboration with some other organizations working on the education in the desert district helped Thari students to form their own  the first ever child Parliament in the desert with a view to create political awareness among the students. The students from 13 government schools took part in the process of electing the chief minister, speaker and members of the cabinet of the  parliament.

 All the office bearers were elected through the secret ballots in the presence of their parents and officials of the education department in Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Cultural Complex in Mithi on Thursday. The two parties contested for the Thar Child Parliament elections – Thar Sujag Party and Thar Aman Party – both primarily addressed the issues of peace and harmony, quality education for all, and improving the health sector in Tharparkar to canvass for their candidates.  Mr. Yuraj Balani of Thar Aman Party was elected the chief minister while Ms. Leela Kumari was voted as the speaker to conduct the proceedings of the house. Thar Aman Party candidate winning the Chief Minister slot  of the first ever Thar Child Parliament proved that the children prioritised peace and harmony, and were willing to contribute in this area for a peaceful and prosperous future for them and  their upcoming generations. The participating students of the contest selected Ms. Jay Malal as the leader of the opposition in the house. 

Such as Jhalk Kumari, Mehak, Masoor, Karshma, Douat, Asha Soorj Mah Dev, Dost Mohammad Roshan sharma, and others were inducted as the members of the cabinet for various portfolios to dispense their responsibility for next six months as per the tenure announced by the organisers of the event.The  known activist and educationalist Mustafa Baloch administered the oath of the elected representatives of the Thari students. 
Mr. Partab Shivani the chief of Thar Education Alliance speaking to the local journalists said that all the departments, social organizations and people from various walks of life extended their full support to them in encouraging them to go ahead with that novel idea to inculcate the leadership qualities among students seeking their education in the government-run schools of the desert district. He said that they would organize such healthy activities in other schools of Thar, which were facing the number of the issues due to the alleged difference of the concerned functionaries to bring the education ratio as well as the percentage at par with other districts of the country. 

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