September 22, 2021

Students must focus the thinking skills to learn permanently

During the recent global pandemic due to Covid-19, educational institutions have been closed for more than couples of months in most of the parts of world including Pakistan which has resulted a great loss of educational standard i.e. students have forgotten their memory and concepts which they had learned with struggles even sometimes a single topic was learned by students many times for the purpose of permanent memory but it has been a big late now. After reopening of schools, there would be a lot of pressure on students as well as teachers to cover the given syllabus in a very short period of time as well as to recap the concepts and monetize the minds to lead the world. For this, they would have to work hard for the revival of education in full swing. Students must focus creative learning and must not rely on cramming up the concepts. From my point of view, creativity is the cognitive result of thinking. If your thinking skills are developed well, you can create a wonderful concept and learn a lot curiously and cream up your concepts. Thinking is an important cognitive ability and tool in the learning phase during pre-schooling, schooling and post-schooling periods.

Thinking is the base of creation which enhances permanent learning because it distinguishes human beings from other animals. Thinking must be broad, regular and based on facts and findings, observations and experiences, analysis and evaluations, research and innovation and post-literature based studies. As per Angeli and Valanides, (2009), thinking is an important aspect of life for humans (citizens in democracy) of all ages. Thinking gives birth to the resolution of all types of problems either of social or economical problems which are indeed hectic for our society. Training of mind to think can be easily brought through creative skills. Thinkers become broad in sketching the various matters of life because through the skills of thinking, anyone can be capable of developing innovative mind which may plan and execute difficult decisions of life in a better and best way.

There are various thinking skills but as per Bloom’s Taxonomy, thinking is categorized into the six skills viz. remembering and recalling the past memory through brainstorming, understanding any concept like understanding any story, applying your understandings into your life or practical approaches, analyzing its worth and values and; evaluating its progress and creating something related to it as an innovative creation. These thinking skills are not only important for you as a student but for the rest of life because thinking is an essential process throughout your life to decide many things.

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