September 22, 2021

RHCs facing shortage of funds & medicines

BADIN: The Rural Health Center (RHCs) in across the province Sindh were facing stern shortage of funds and public was not being attend properly due scarcity of the medicines.

Tahir Abbas Provincial head Operations of Integrated Health Service (IHS) Sindh, expressed his views during visit in Badin on Thursday.

Mr. Abbas said that IHS devised the plan of quality services to the common public which is under disaster for delayed release of funds.

Adding he enunciated that IHS always tried to provide better and quality services to the people of the Sindh which required huge funds. And Sindh Government has delayed the funds disbursement to the IHS resulting hindrance and depression amoung patients.

Mr. Abbas expressed that Sindh Government has halted the funds of IHS and it is facing the hardship in supplying the demanded medicines to the Rural Health Centers in across the Sindh province.

He said that IHS has written the letters to the Sindh Government for urgent release of the funds and he hoped to reduce the problem immediately of funds and shortage of medicines.

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