September 22, 2021

Muhammad Ashfaq “Cool” loss international events participation due to lack of funds

International Pro Mixed Martial Arts title champion from Russia 

Muhammad Ashfaque Cool

International Pro Mixed Martial Arts Title Champion Muhammad Ashfaq “Cool” has been deprived from participating in international events due to lack of funds from provincial and federal sports departments. International pro event held in Azerbaijan in 2018, Muhammad Ashfaq knocked out the Russian player in one and a half minutes.

He has won 2 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze medals in eight international events and also secured second position in European Professional Kickboxing Championship. He has also awarded for a Chief Jury Member and Best Referee & Judging in the World Martial Arts Championship Cairo, Egypt.

The present government’s measures for the promotion of sports have not been effective. Muhammad Ashfaq “Cool” could not participate in the Pro MMA competitions in Brazil, Poland and Ukraine due to lack of funds. In this regard, the Federal and Provincial Ministry of Sports and Pakistan Sports Board are reluctant to play their due role, while many talented players like Muhammad Ashfaq “Cool” are also deprived of participation in other sports at the international level due to lack of funds. Even the multinational sports sponsoring institutions are also not playing their role actively in such a situation. 

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