October 28, 2021

Karachi Commissioner for resolving climate change issues for better civic management

Commissioner Karachi Sohail Rajput has said that Karachi will be able to overcome its civic issues to a large extent if work is done to improve environment, and to address the climate change issues. He was speaking as the chief guest at the seminar on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Climate Change organized by the FPCCI’s Central Standing Committee on Environment at Federation House.

He said that the top civic issues of Karachi including water supply, sewage disposal, and solid waste management systems had a lot to do with the environment and climate that requires to be addressed proactively and on priority basis. . He referred the recent monsoon rains that was torrential and wrecked havoc the city in this regard and said working on improvement of environment would help the government to combat such situation in future.

He said city administration would take immediate steps to combat the climate change issues by the public-private partnership strategy as the sindh government has already has adopted PPP strategy and completed various projects successfully.
He said the City administration would prepare a comprehensive Plan to address the issues. An advisory board will be formed to prepare the Climate Change Plan for Karachi that would have representation of environment based government and non organizations and experts and it would plan to tackle the monsoon issues next year.

Karachi Commissioner further said that Karachi is one of the cities around the world which are most vulnerable to the effects of climate change
, RukhsanaNaveed, federal parliamentary secretary for climate change, promised that the federal government would uniformly support if any project launched in Karachi۔
MNA Syma Nadeem urged combined efforts for all goals of sustainable development. She assured full cooperation to achieve goals for betterment of public

Khurram Ijaz, FPCCI Vice-President, said that the business community would lend fullest support to the efforts of the government to improve environment, promote greenery, and resolve major civic and municipal issues of Karachi as being the financial hub of the country.
Industrialist MianZahidHussain pressed the need for conducting more such programmes to spread awareness among the masses about issues related to the environment and SDGs.

AmmarJaffery, Chairman of the SDGs Academy, emphasized the need for beefing up cyber security systems in the country in view of the extensive use of digital and computer technology individually and by every institution.

Sadaf Khalid Khan, CEO of SGDs Academy, suggested that the polythene bags should be banned all over the country to safeguard the environment.
Shabina Faraz emphasized the need for due representation of women in civic planning and governance of the city.

NaeemQureshi, convener of the FPCCI’s Standing Committee on Environment, said that a plantation campaign was being executed in Karachi to plant 50,000 trees with the support of different organizations and institutions.

By Pir Bux Noonari

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