October 28, 2021

Importers demand cut in taxes; LPG price raise feared

The second increase in the price of LPG of Rs 5 per kg was witnessed on Saturday. Hence domestic cylinder rate is increased by Rs 60 and commercial by Rs 200. In three days, the total raise in LPG price stands at Rs 10 per kg with domestic cylinder higher Rs 120 and commercial cylinder by Rs 400. Moreover, further increase in prices is anticipated.
It is to note that JJVL (Jamshoro Joint Venture Limited) plant is closed since June, this year, the SSGC is in deficit of billions of rupees and above all baseless allegations by Asim Iftikhar (Director Intelligence and Investigation, Inland Revenue, Karachi) has stopped import from Taftan border.. If we pay taxes then why will we smuggle. The LPG importers have requested the Government of Pakistan to look into this matter and abolish taxes on LPG so that cheap gas can be provided to the poor people.

Chairman  LPG Industries Association of Pakistan Irfan Khokhar has asserted, “If left unchecked, LPG shortfalls are expected, with prices skyrocketing. The sellers of substandard cylinders are not with us. No major discovery has been made since 1999. CNG stations were set up unabated and 9 million cubic feet of gas was run out in flames notwithstanding that a CNG station consumes gas equal to 60 houses in an hour.”
Irfan Khokhar in his letter to the Prime Minister of Pakistan last week had written that if the baseless and false allegations are not stopped, the shortfall of Twal PG is expected. As a result, the stove of poor people will also become cold in winter. Pakistan needs at least 100,000 metric tons of imported gas in winter to meet the consumption of LPG. Taftan Import provides cheap gas in Pakistan.
“Satisfaction of LPG importers is essential to meet consumption. If this issue is not resolved, the prices of LPG will go higher in the coming days,” he concluded.


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