September 22, 2021

Fishing in natural lakes is sole right of fisher community: MPA Taj Mohammad Mallah

Elected representatives, different social activists and fishermen’s organizations affirmed the fishermen as real righteous for catching the fishes in the natural and governmental lakes and others water resources and demanded for evacuation the illegal possession from the natural water resources.

The demand was made by large number of the participants of event organized by the Pakistan Fisher Folk Forum (PFF) Badin chapter on Thursday at Gym Khana Badin amid to stress over the authorities for evacuting the illegal occupation on the natural and Governmental lakes and others water resources.

The event was participated by member of provincial Assembly, Haji Taj Mohammad Mallah, Sayed Mohammad Shah, Chairman, Pakistan Fisher Folk Forum, number of social activists, journalists and fishing community of the coastal belt Badin.

While addressing the participants, MPA Taj Mohammad Mallah said that its sole right of the fisheries Community to catch the fishes in natural and governmental lakes and water resources adding that Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) ever supports to the fisheries community and strives for the rights of the fisher community.

The credit went to the PPP that ever eliminated the contract of natural lakes and others water resources and provided the licenses inbthe name of ‘Shaheed Benazir Bhutto card’ to the fishermen and termed legal right of the fisher community over the natural lakes.

He said that PPP always provide the protection to the Fisher community and took tangible efforts in the same context.

Mohammad Ali Shah, chairman, PFF said that the rights of fisher community were being forcibly snatched adding he alleged that influential contractors and govt officials yet were occupying the natural and government lakes and other water resources in district and other parts of the province.

He alleged that Fisheries Department was giving protection to the illegal  ocuppiers influentials and others and fisheries authorities said its all was out of their approach.

He told that PFF would start the struggle and protest against the illegal occupation over the lakes and other water resources of Sindh. We would never leave the fishermen alone and ever fight for the rights of the fisher community.

On the occasion, Iftikhar Brohi, Deputy Director, Fisheries department, Mithan Mallah, President, PFF Badin chapter, senior journalist Allah Rakhio Naem Mallah, Tanveer Ahmed Arain, Shoukat Memon, Mustafa Jamali and others also addressed the participants of the event.


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