September 22, 2021

Asif Siddiqui elected president of world federation of restaurants support: Pakistan

Naeem Mumtaz also achieved 4th position in the International Cooking Competition in Bulgaria.

Group picture of President World Federation of the Restaurant Support Alexendar Robinwitch, Asif Siddiqui elected President of Pakistan, Naeem Mumtaz and other team members.

Cook Naeem Mumtaz, a member of the Pakistani team led by Asif Siddiqui, got the 4th position in the International Cooking Championship in Bulgaria. The event was attended by cooks from many countries of the world in which the jury declared Naeem Mumtaz the best cook. In addition, the President of the World Federation of Restaurants Support, Alexander Robinwitch, has elected social exposed personality Asif Siddiqui as the President of the World Federation of Restaurants Support in Pakistan. In this regard, a certificate has been presented to him and a notification has also been issued. Asif Siddiqui said that it is an honor for Pakistan that Naeem Mumtaz has secured 4th position in international coking competition, when contacted in this regard.

In addition, Asif Siddiqui further said I will fulfill my responsibilities in a happy manner as the confidence shown by the World Federation of the Restaurant. He added that cooking is an art in which Pakistani cooks have a special place throughout the world.

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