September 22, 2021

Sindh to overwhelm issues of proper share of NFC award: Senator Aajiz Dhamrah

Development package for Karachi was positive initiative as announced by Prime Minister of Pakistan but other rain-hit districts saso dire need why the Federal Government ignoring those.

It must be remembered that out of Rs 1100 billions about Rs 500 billions to be utilized for circle railway project of CPEC.

These views were expressed by PPP Sindh, Information Secretary, Senator Aajiz Damrah while talking with media personnel at the Residence of MPA Badin, Haji Taj Muhammad Mallah.

Mr. Damrah said that share of NFC award was constitutional right of Sindh province and if the amount of such share was allocated properly than many issues to be tackled properly. He said more than 60 percent areas were under domain of centre and 20 percent of local bodies rest of 20 percent were under domain of Sindh government but Sindh government was held responsible of failures of downpour, cleanliness and other issues and irrelevant approaches were being exercised to create hurdles for government of Sindh deliberately.

Mr. Damrah said people across Sindh province witnessed record downpour and sustained huge damage and loss of such heavy shower. He said disposal of rain water was underway and Sindh government was working hard for rehabilitation of downpour affectees and initially tents and ration bags was being provided to those affected areas ass urgent relief and after survey which being conducted by Government officials for data gather of affectees and all those would be facilitated to overwhelm the damage occurred during heavy showers.

On this occasion PPP General Secretary of district Badin, Haji Sain Bux Jamali, MPA Badin, Haji Taj Muhammad Mallah, PPP Information Secretary, district Badin, Fida Hussain Mandhro, PPP Youth Wing President, district Badin, Khan Sahib Jamali, Haji Hanif Khaskheli and others were also present.

Earlier, Mr Aajiz Damrah visited different downpour affected areas of Badin district and assured affectees that Sindh government would not leave them alone in their irony days but all rain affectees to be assisted.

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